Sent into a Peaceful Advent

16 11 29 Sent into a Peaceful Advent Sent into a Peaceful Advent Advent means “coming.” It is season of anticipation for Christmas but also more deeply for the return of Jesus Christ and the close of the age. The color of Advent is purple or blue. These are the royal colors fit for the coming of King Jesus not only to Bethlehem but also on the last day. We’ll have an advent wreath with four candles representing Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. The candles count out the 4 Sundays of Advent and on Christmas Eve, we light the center candle for Christ the light of the world. December can be a hectic, stressful and tiresome month jammed with events, shopping and family responsibilities. How can I be jo

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

The Meaning of Thanksgiving In December of 1620, the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts. One hundred and two settlers disembarked and when they had all made shore they gathered together and got on their knees to pray. This is where America began: people on their knees in thankful prayer. With the ship anchored near shore, the intrepid pilgrims began to build rough shelters for the winter. By spring, forty-seven of them were dead. The fateful moment came that spring when the Mayflower weighed anchor and they were alone in the wilderness. As it happened one of the Native Americans in the area had actually learned English years earlier when he had been taken to England by some fisherman who had

Thoughts On The Election

Thoughts On The Election We're almost to the finish line and we're all exhausted. The presidential campaign has produced two main candidates with the highest negatives in history. The coarseness and vulgarity of public discourse has reached a new and disturbing low. The healthy and faithful reaction to all of this is confusion, frustration and yes, even despair. What to do? I have never believed in clergy endorsements of candidates. You won't find one here. I have never believed in the notion of “Christian Candidate” or a “Christian political party” My hero in this line of thought is Abraham Lincoln who did more to dissuade the prideful attitude of believing “God is on my side” than any othe

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