The Fate of the United Methodist Church

The Fate of the United Methodist Church The stage is now set for momentous change in the United Methodist Church. The Bishop’s Commission on A Way Forward has made its report to the Council of Bishops. The Council has announced its plans to forward three choices to the specially called General Conference of 2019. The 864 delegates have four days to choose one of the options or substitute one of their own in an attempt to resolve the constitutional crisis of our 50 year old denomination. The options are listed below as sketches. The bishops have promised to release the details of each no later than July 8. The “One Church Model” is favored by a majority of the Council. This plan r

Can Republicans and Democrats worship together in the same church?

Can Republicans and Democrats worship together in the same church? Yes! We can! Political divisions among the people of God are not new. 2 Samuel 1-4 recounts the difficult journey of divided politics in early Israel. King Saul died in battle and David stood to succeed him. But the followers of Saul remained loyal to his line and refused to support David. 2 Samuel 3:1 understates it, “There was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David...” To his credit David did everything he could to make peace with those loyal to Saul, in the end he was unable to control the murderous excesses of his own supporters even though he strongly condemned their violence, “So all the people and

Did I not tell you?

$351,427. That is our miracle—the largest Sunday offering ever taken at Highland United Methodist Church and I daresay this record will stand awhile! Together you have brought glory and honor to Jesus Christ. This is his church. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful Miracle Sunday. What high school kid in the entire country could have gone to school on Monday morning and said to her teachers, “Over the weekend I raised $351,427 for my church?” Our youth did the heavy lifting to make Miracle Sunday happen. They met. They planned. They wrote. They spoke. They prayed. They testified. They made videos. They set up 160 chairs and tables. They packed 1000 balloons! Special thanks to Michael Steven

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