Fishing for Children

Fishing for Children In 1779, John Wesley was 75 years old. He preached to a crowd of children in County Durham. He chose his favorite theme: “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” A revival broke out in this group of more than 60, ages 6 to 14. In his journal Wesley recorded: As soon as I came down from the preaching desk I was enclosed by a body of children, one of whom and another sunk down upon their knees until they were all kneeling, so I kneeled down myself and began praying for them. Abundance of people raced back into the house. The fire kindled and ran from heart to heart till few if any were unaffected. Is not this a new thing in the earth? God begins his work in children! Savor t

Almost Irresistible

Andy Stanley is the renowned pastor for 32,000 member North Point Church in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been appreciating his leadership books for years: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Ministry, Visioneering, and Deep and Wide. I jumped at the chance to attend his recent one-day seminar at Kensington Church in Troy. His theme was titled Irresistible and he sent me his new book of the same name so I could read it before his sessions with us. Stanley is a man with a heart to reach the rising generation of atheists with the Gospel. His enthusiasm and determination burst out of every word he writes and speaks. I pray to have just ¼ of his incredible energy—more than that and I might combust! The ba

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