The Future of Pot

The Future of Pot Michigan changed forever this past election day. Recreational use of marijuana was made legal and there's no going back. But just because something is legal doesn't mean it's good for you. As your pastor my counsel is to abstain from using this product and beware of the proven, irreversible damage it does to the brains of children and youth. The Bible contains no statement about recreational drug use. God's word does set the direction of our service to care for the health and welfare of our neighbors. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That means to protect your neighbor from those things that might cause them physical, emotional, spiritual and economic harm. M

State of the Church Report 2018

State of the Church Report 2018 Pastor Tom Anderson The state of Highland United Methodist Church is vibrant and strong. Here’s just a few highlights of the rich harvest that has been produced for the Kingdom of God here: Connect Year to date 20 persons have connected with Jesus Christ, repenting of sin, confessing faith in him and becoming members. 378 people attended our Easter services—the largest crowd we’ve had in years. Almost 200 joined us for a catered breakfast. A new Men’s open Pickle ball game night began this year on Thursday nights. A new open Volleyball night on Fridays has formed this fall. Our Administrative Council created a new Vision and Values statement after an al

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