The Spirit of St. Louis

For fifty years the United Methodist Church has been in prayerful debate, discussion and research over its position on sexual ethics. After decades in this journey, I can testify that every angle has been thoroughly explored and there isn’t anything new to say. The best, brightest leaders of our denomination have diligently ruled on these matters at every General Conference since 1972. The results have always been the same: we support the Gospel teaching on marriage and ethics. The final leg of this journey began in 2016 with the formation of the Commission on a Way Forward. The commission was charged to come up with proposals to resolve the conflict and provide for unity. They came up with

Your Third Place

Walk the trails at Pontiac Lake State Park and you will climb up ridges to some of the most spectacular views in southern Michigan. You have to pinch yourself as a reminder you are in a county of 1.3 million people—one of the highest population densities in the nation. Yet even here there is wilderness to be found. In a snow less winter the trees are black silhouttes against pewter skies. The ground cover is 40 shades of brown. The woods are quiet, not even so much as a chickadee. There in a distant lone oak on the shoreline of a marshy pond, I spied it—a brown and cream raptor showing off a yard-long wingspan. The stubby head and chunky body gave away the distinct form of a barn owl. She fl

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