Congratulations everyone, our HUMC rummage sale took in over $3100 for our mission to Mexico! Here’s a side story on our merchandise. Some donated a portrait of the compassionate Christ that went for $50. But someone else donated a collectible Elvis doll (the thin Elvis) worth at least $50 but he did not sell. It’s nice to know Jesus is still the real King! Presley was never known to be a great theologian but he did make this worthy remark about values, “Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies are the same but you leave them all over everything you do.” Elvis wasn’t talking about moral values here since one would hope that all people would operate with the same moral scruples. But in general

The Happy River

For music I like the plaintive descending notes of the white throated sparrow singing’ “ole Sam Peabody” by the wild rippling waters of the Manistee. The name means “happy river” in Ojibway and so it is. I’d drive a thousand miles just to sit by its banks in May and ponder the vibrant yellow marsh mallows blossoming in the cold spring air. At this time of year many grown men don rubber pants to ply the rivers in search of hungry trout. But not this man. This is the season to sit in the bow of a canoe with a fly rod while a fine friend paddles in the stern and offers a running stream of commentary, wisdom and advice. I always feel smarter by journey’s end even if the fish fail me. For scenery

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