Whence and Whither

Tom Lynch of Milford is our local poet of world-wide renown. He shared with me a wonderful new collection of his spiritual musings entitled Whence and Whither? His book inspired me to take up the questions he ponders so winsomely in his poetry, essay and dramatic dialog. Where does life come from? When I was a boy and asked that question, “Where did I come from?” I received one of the two standard responses given by mothers in 1959, “The stork brought you.” The other one was this, “We found you in the garden under a lettuce leaf.” It was a more innocent age. Such stories are no longer told to children today. But even a 2 year old in 1959 suspected there was more to it than that. Yet now we a

What Happened in Traverse City?

History was made. Irreversible damage was done. Our fellowship is broken. In contradiction to United Methodist Doctrine and Discipline, Bishop David Bard commissioned and appointed a married lesbian as a probationary elder in Michigan. The drama unfolded on Thursday at the Clergy session. The Board of Ordained Ministry withheld information from the assembled clergy about the illegal candidate put up for a vote of approval. Once the vote was taken, the clergy found out about it immediately through social media as liberal groups crowed about their achievement. All of this happened in the presence and with the complicity of Bishop Bard. On Saturday the Conference took a non-binding straw poll.

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