Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot (Book Review)

Mo Isom is a popular blogger, a national speaker and the New York Times best-selling author of Wreck My Life. A former All-American goalkeeper for the Louisiana State University soccer team, she has been featured in Sports Illustrated and has appeared on many cable channels. She lives in Atlanta with her husband Jeremiah Aiken and their two daughters. Isom is a millennial generation Christian who tells with fierce honesty what it was like for her to grow up in today’s youth culture of rampant pornography and campus hook-ups. Out of the darkness and emptiness of this experience, she has become a passionate advocate for holiness, purity and the joys of living out God’s plan for the gift of hum

Merry Christmas!

Karen and I wish you all a joyful and blessed Christmas season. We are honored and humbled to serve such an energetic and compassionate faith community as you are! We thank you for your support, prayers and kind words of encouragement over the last year. I have in my office window a beautiful stained glass depiction of Michigan and the Great Lakes handcrafted by our own Kristin Gambicki. The sun makes the emerald land and blue waters glow in radiant color. It puts a smile on my face and reminds me that I belong to a wonderful church family filled with many good friends—the kind of friends I would feel comfortable calling for help if my car broke down on the highway at 2 AM. Karen and I have

How to Be A Lukewarm Christian

A decade ago pastor Francis Chan wrote his signature book Crazy Love. I finally caught up with my reading of it recently. His work is an attack on lukewarm Christianity which he sees rampant in the American church scene. Such a message can easily become mere scolding. Worse it can be received as nagging to try harder and produce more results. Not so fast. Chan takes pains to emphasize his purpose is not to induce guilt or get disciples to produce more in the standard checklist of churchly activities: attendance, devotions, giving and serving. It's really about love--”crazy”, passionate love for our heavenly Father. People who are in love show it in all kinds of radical ways. It is love the A

Parenting the Smartphone Generation

One of Josh Ray's great achievements this year was the Jonathan McKee parenting seminar. McKee spoke to our youth leaders, preached Sunday morning as well as addressing parents. What a great weekend it was for God! Josh created a partnership of local churches to support this event. Even McKee himself was impressed with the turn out. I came across my notes from his presentation and wanted to share them with everyone again. McKee had 8 points for parents. 1. Connect with your kids face-to-face. Surveys show adults spend nearly as much time in front of electronic screens as their children do. Parents need to take the initiative in planning and carrying out regular face-to-face time with their f

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