The Real Work of Parenting

Parents, what is the meaning of life? What is it that you really want for your children? What is the heart and soul of being a human being on this planet? Do you know what it is? How can you help your children know it/have it/ live in it? A recent story in the Wall Street Journal points us to the truth. Heather Lanier had her first child in 2011. While pregnant she read all the research, ate the perfect diet and avoided all the risks--not even a drop of caffeine passed her lips. When her daughter Fiona was born at full-term she was only 4 lbs 12 ounces. The baffled pediatrician concluded “your daughter has a syndrome.” Turns out it was an extremely rare chromosomal deficiency occurring in on

Key of Hope and COVID-19

What’s it like to deal with COVID-19 in Africa? What’s it like not to have any public health system? What’s it like not to have Wi-Fi in quarantine? What’s it like to have no phone? What’s it like to have no clean water to wash hands? In America we have inconvenience and disruption. In Africa it’s an apocalypse. Key of Hope is a mission we’ve supported for many years at HUMC through a second mile offering. We’ve enjoyed their choir tours as well as visits from Rachel and Dan Smithers the co-founders of this vibrant Christian ministry among AIDS orphans in Durban, South Africa. During COVID they’ve had to shut down most of their programs except for food parcels, medical transport and access t

Why You Should Flee Sexual Immorality

Pornography is as old as the human race. It's been around since the first person discovered how to scratch a picture with a rock. Yet today it's availability has exploded. It is an inescapable and increasingly accepted part of daily life. Public opposition melted away years ago. It is now so prevalent that for Christians to ignore it is as irresponsible as ignoring issues like race relations or poverty. When Israel entered into the Promised Land they confronted the challenge of Canaanite pornography. Canaanite religion used graphic sexual images, explicit speech and temple prostitution. The prophets fought a bitter struggle against it. When the early church moved out into to the Greek and Ro

Christian Life in a Nation of Rage

“We’re living in a time of great fury. The strain is spilling over into our personal lives, fomenting hostility with friends, family and even strangers,” writes Elizabeth Bernstein. Daily headlines speak of furious mobs looting, burning and destroying. The poison of rage is felt close to home in strained relationships. I saw a post in a community Facebook group: “Hi, I just stopped by to see what’s offending people today.” “Most of us are more comfortable being angry than anxious. And so we attempt to alleviate our anxiety over life’s uncertainties and our lack of control by getting angry,” says Maurice Schweitzer, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. The anxiety of 3 months cooped

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