Three books every Christian should read

We just finished reading through The Story, an abridged version of the Bible that summarizes the main story-line of God from Genesis to Revelation. I remember the excitement it generated when we began. One person was enthralled with reading it. She asked me, "I'm reading The Story but I'm also now reading the Bible to get all the parts I've missed, is that okay?" It's questions like that which warm my heart! But besides the Bible, I'd like to offer three books every Christian should read. I treasure all three and have returned to them many times over the years. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Lewis originally wrote this book as a series of radio talks he gave in Britain during the Second Wo

The 2019 Book of Common Prayer (a review)

Every Christian develops their own habit of prayer. Prayer times can take many forms. You can pray in the car on long trips. You can pray while you walk the dog. You can pray in a deserted laundromat while your clothes are in the dryer. You can read collections of prayer. You can open your heart and speak honestly and spontaneously in your own words. There’s no need to judge another’s prayer routine as right or wrong since prayer is an expression of our own unique personalities to our heavenly Father. I love the definition of prayer we learned in the 40 days of prayer: Prayer is the conversational part of our most important love relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I’m

Harness the Power of Your Vows

You can’t know everything that will happen in a marriage but you can decide ahead of time how you will deal with it. That is what marriage vows are all about--it’s a decision about how I am going to deal with everything and anything that happens to us in the course of our journey through life together. Marriage vows are a way of saying, “Whatever bad happens to us, I will always choose us.” so writes Scott Williams, a writer at This has been the year for unexpected turns of events. Pandemic uncertainty has spread to nearly every aspect of our lives. Unparalleled happenings roll out of our major cities. The clear moral wrong of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis has been obscu

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