The Scripture Way of Salvation

John Wesley wrote that the religion of Jesus Christ is plain and simple--as long as we stick with how it is described in the Bible. The great purpose is salvation and the means to accomplish that purpose is faith. Ephesians 2:8 says it, “By grace we have been saved through faith.” Salvation is not to be understood as “pie in the sky when you die.” It is a present thing, known and lived today. It has two parts: justification and sanctification. Justification is pardon, the forgiveness of all our sins through the blood of Christ shed upon the cross. Sanctification begins at our justification. It is the new birth and the new life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the moral transforma

Spiritual Life of Children

Valient measures are being taken to protect children in this pandemic. It’s working! To date there has not been a single positive case of COVID in the Huron Valley Public Schools. Praise the Lord! Social distancing, home schooling, virtual academy have become the standard features of children’s lives for the last few months. There is one powerful constant behind this: the intense desire of parents to protect their children. In many families this desire has disrupted the spiritual and moral formation of kids. Sunday routines have disintegrated. Prayer times, singing, God-talk and community service have faded or not been possible. Are we losing our kids from the Christian faith? Are parents be

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