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The purpose of our Children's Ministry is to provide a nurturing environment where children experience, celebrate, and learn to share God's love as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kid Zone - Nursery thru 5th Grade

In Person gathering is suspended

until after December 8th.


  • KidCheck Safety/Security System in place for children and youth.   Check-In takes place at the FLC entrance at the west end of the building.  Profile development to begin the process prior to attending can be developed on
Children worship and develop their faith through opportunities during Kid's Church on Sunday mornings, mid-week events, and Funtastic Family Gatherings. Youngsters from birth to 5th grade experience chances to CONNECT, GROW, & SERVE.   Children participate through worship, prayer and in depth Bible Study in a journey that enables them to grow in spirit and truth.  Fellowship moments on Sundays provides interactive fun with new friends.  Family connection through Milestone Events, Off-Site Adventures, and Service OutReach celebrates a reflection of love, hope, peace, and joy in Christ.
For more information, contact our Children's Ministry Director, Sue Cole:

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. James 4:8a

Bible Bingo - Make playing cards showing Books of the Bible


Bible Outburst - "Shout Out" answers with your team as quickly as possible

    People/Animals present at Jesus' Birth

    Things associated with Jesus' Birth

    Jobs in the Bible

    Foods in the Bible

    The 10 Commandments


Bible Talk

    Passover is a feast that remembers the night the Israelites celebrated a special meal and left Egypt.  The Lord "passed over" their houses and they were saved from the last plague in Egypt.



Bible Games
Bible Games