Class 101 “Discover the Christian Life” 


This is a one session seminar on the basics of the Christian faith. It’s for the curious, the seeker, the newbie or anyone who just wants to brush up on the essentials. The session is built around responding to some basic questions: What is the gospel? How can I have the new life Jesus gives? How do Christians live? What do they believe? Why does church membership matter? Our basic written material is The Bible and The Apostle’s Creed.

Thursday, June 25 at 7 PM via ZOOM


Class 201 “Spiritual Maturity” This class runs 7 sessions on the basics of Christian morality and spirituality through a deep dive into The Ten Commandments and The Lord’s Prayer. Participants will be taught, inspired and challenged to a life of Christian prayer and obedience. We call this holy living! Pastor Tom will lead a new session of this class beginning in September. Basic resource: The Bible and suggested book Ten Words, Two Signs, One Prayer: Core Practices of the Christian Faith by Timothy C. Tennant.

Offered throughout the year




Class 301 “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” The Holy Spirit is the leader of Christian life. Is he leading you? Who is the Holy Spirit? What does he do? What are the fruits of the Spirit in me? What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit to me? How can I serve God and my church with my gifts, time, and talents? This class runs 6 sessions and uses Billy Graham’s book, The Holy Spirit along with a spiritual gifts inventory to help each student discover their own gifts and graces for ministry.

This class will be offered in November.

Offered throughout the year.






Class 401 “Discovering a Life that Matters” Does your life have purpose and meaning? Are you connected to God’s purpose for your life? Are you a disciple who makes disciples? This four-session class will focus on Christian mission and witness: The effective Christian life; the victorious Christian life;

 the Christian’s witness; and caring for new Christians.

This class will next be offered in January of 2021