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Your generous giving back of God's gifts is an act of worship

that allows Highland United Methodist Church to connect people to God  through Jesus Christ;

and make possible the ministries of changing lives

and transforming communities locally and worldwide.

In addition to Tithes and Offerings given through the offering plate,

there are three ways to give back your gifts to Highland United Methodist Church:


  • On-Line: Tithes and Offerings may be given online through the secure Vanco E-Giving application set up for HUMC.  This is an easy to use, easy to change, flexible, and secure online system. As a new user, all you will need to do is register and complete the authorization agreement. 

  • Electronic Checks:  Tithes and Offerings may be sent by your local bank if they offer electronic checking or bill paying services.

  • Mail:  Tithes and Offerings may be mailed to Highland United Methodist Church at 680 W. Livingston Road, Highland, Michigan 48357

Give + Church mobile app, 

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