Welcome to Highland United Methodist!


HUMC is not just a place to go to worship and prepare and serve.

It is a community of friends and families who are experiencing life together and participating with God every day!
We are firmly convinced God has placed us here to fulfill a mission, “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”
We do that by living and loving as Christ did.

He connected with God and others.

Jesus grew in stature and favor;

He served people where ever he was.

By using the CONNECT. GROW. SERVE. motto, we experience life in a way that reflects love, hope, peace, and joy in Christ. 

CONNECT. GROW. SERVE. is a call to evaluate your present condition and discover ways to improve your spiritual health. 

CONNECT. GROW. SERVE. is a simple way you can move forward on your faith journey.


CONNECT through worship, prayer, and fellowship in our daily lives.
At HUMC, we want to build strong, life-changing connections.

Our greatest desire is that we would form and maintain a faith-connection with Jesus Christ, based on the hope and forgiveness He provides.
Additionally, we hope to encourage each other to live in connection with each other so we can live out our
faith on a daily basis. No one should be expected to navigate the journey of this life on their own.

We all need relationships where we can give and receive direction, support, and love, all flowing from God’s love for us.


At HUMC, we strive for these three connections:
• Personal connection with God through Jesus Christ.
• Connection with each other inside the church.
• Connection with others outside the church.




GROW “in spirit and in truth”.
HUMC is concerned for the spiritual health of everyone.

Knowing God's Word and how it makes a difference to daily living is key to a balanced life.
The Holy Spirit uses many means to bring about spiritual transformation in our lives: worship, prayer, Bible study, fellowship.

Our goal is to offer and encourage a variety of settings to facilitate growth in the lives of this spiritual family, from the youngest to
the oldest. Growth is about becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ, one He can use to help transform the world.


At HUMC, our efforts for growth are based on these truths:
• There is hope for growth and tools for growth.
• God calls us to grow in Christ.
• The Church has a role to play for growth.




SERVE by using your time, talents, and treasures to make a difference in the church and world around us.
Jesus has gifted and called every one of his followers to serve others in love and compassion.
By serving individually and collectively, more of His kingdom can be seen and experienced in the midst of a broken and hurting world.


At HUMC, we believe there are three ways to serve:
• We serve one another through various ministries in the church.
• We serve the community and world through prayer, mission work, and finances.
• We serve those we connect with daily by the love and grace we extend.



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